Monday, May 14, 2012

Marketing Campaign module in TUHUND ERP

TUHUND’s marketing campaign module helps you to organize, manage and execute your e-mail marketing campaigns by providing a user interface where you can manage campaigns and select the periodicity and number of e- mails to be sent. Whatever you need to do for running an effective campaign is there in the marketing campaign module. Be it an HTML editor, calendar to choose the days to start or to enter the specific number e-mails to be sent per day, it’s all there in TUHUND. Enter the description for the E-Mail, set the content and select the day to start the campaign, servers will automatically start sending the mails on selected day as per your instructions and send exactly the same number of e-mails on a regular interval.

All you need to do is go to the Sales module, select the Marketing campaign option. A user interface with the fields to enter the name of the campaign, description, campaign start date, and a field to enter the number of E- Mails to be sent on a day is displayed. Enter all the details in the specific fields and click Save. The E-mail is ready to be fired now. Once you are ready, you can go to the main page and test fire the mail and see whether the mail is appearing as desired. If everything is fine click the Activate button to activate the Marketing Campaign and send the mails to the desired recipients.

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