Wednesday, November 14, 2018

How is Reminder on Email in Tuhund ERP different from snooze?

Tuhund has recently released option of setting action reminder on Email. This is quite different and far more superior to snooze function ordinarily available in a few email clients and portals. Snooze function is just to set a time alert to remind for an action at a time in future. Tuhund Reminder on Email on the other hand can be used to set a complete workflow for the actions to be taken. In simpler words, you can set any number of reminders on a single email, you can set instructions for each action and you can also select how you need to be alerted. This can be set on received email as well as sent email. You may even opt for SMS alert for important email.

Tuhund ERP Email Inbox

Tuhund ERP Adding reminder on an email

Tuhund ERP Reminder set on an email

Tuhund ERP Reminder set on an email appearing as action task

Tuhund ERP Email opening directly from action task

Tuhund ERP Changing user notifications

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