Monday, May 24, 2010

Change Control Board or Change Management Board

When I heard the term "Change Control Board" for the first time, the immediate impression that it made on my mind was of a group of few old and head strong people standing with a stick, ready to beat anybody who tried to change or bring about any change. In my imagination, at least one of them would look like George Bush in his bad mood.

It has been almost twenty years. I have not just learnt a bit of change management but also taught change management besides leading few considerably big change efforts. However, I still have the same feeling about the name, "Change Control Board."

Control is a process group within the perimeter of management. Whatever methodology you consider, three groups are invariably there, though with different names. The groups are: Planning, Execution and Control. The name change control board either suggests that the board has no say in planning and execution or that planning and execution are subsets of control. Though in very rare cases former could be true, by and large both are wrong. The why not name it "Change Management Board?"

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