Sunday, August 21, 2011

TUHUND - ERP tailor made for you.

After more than one year of hard work by a team of twenty and a number of freelance consultants from time to time, TUHUND is getting ready for limited release and in a month we will be ready for demos. In another couple of months we will also start aggressive marketing. From tomorrow we will start the process of recruiting a dedicated graphic designer and a dedicated technical writer for TUHUND marketing team to work on collaterals to start with.

What is TUHUND?

TUHUND is one of the most comprehensive ERP systems and yet one of the simplest to use and manage. The system comes as a core backend with security, user management, CRM, employee management, payroll, accounting and task management modules inbuilt. Numerous other modules are deployed on top of the core backend exactly matching the unique business requirements of the customers. Thus TUHUND combines the advantages of traditional ERP system and the specially tailored systems which cannot be met with other ERP systems even after customization.

The system can be deployed on Internet or on Intranet with access on internal network or through VPN. The system can also be deployed in mixed mode where access over Internet can be controlled and given to pre-specified IP addresses. The IP addresses can be added or removed any time by administrator.

TUHUND is truly an Enterprise solution. Normally, ERP systems are built to support a business entity and its branches but with

TUHUND Groups of Companies with their branches and departments are served by a single system. While, with other ERP systems, at least one deployment of ERP is required for each business entity or company, TUHUND needs only one deployment.

TUHUND is probably the only ERP System that allows you to delegate the administrative tasks too. A super admin can add, remove or manage administrators any time. Any administrator can be given access rights to administer any functions or groups of functions. These access rights can also be managed across business entities and branches.

Some ERP Systems allow access to outside persons for a limited functionality. The typical examples would be suppliers to a mall being able to check the inventory position online and being able to supply just in time without the mall having to place a purchase order everytime. TUHUND goes much beyond this and the access can be given to any stakeholder with foolproof user access control. The board of directors can have their high level reports as charts and presentations available online or delivered to them through email. Vendors check new requirements, submit quotations, raise invoices, update their account details, check their statements and request payments.

With TUHUND you can be sure of multiplying your productivity and cutting down the costs. Go for TUHUND and it will pay back for itself within a year.

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