Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Working with Email Newsletters in TUHUND

TUHUND’s Newsletters and Announcements help you to send mails in bulk to the specified mailing list, when you have to send greeting, send invitation for an event or if you want to notify your customers about the new updates or changes, it is just few clicks away.

To send Newsletters you must create your mailing list first. Mailing lists are reusable and once created, same mailing list can be used for any number of newsletters. Mailing list is also not actually a list but a rule. It is a rule with combination of several parameters to generate the actual list on run time, each time you create a newsletter. You can create as many as mailing lists as you want. All you have do is click on the Newsletters icon in the CRM module, click on the mailing list button and Add new mailing list. Once you click on the Add new button system will ask you to give a name for the mailing list. You can enter any name that will help you identify the mailing list in future. In the description box you can enter detailed description of the mailing list and then click on the save button. After saving, it will take you to the page where you can edit all the details required for the mailing list. You can edit sender details by clicking on the edit button. You will need to enter SMTP Host, SMTP Port, Sender name, Sender Email and password. You can select and deselect combinations of rules like Companies & Organizations, Customer, Vendors and Leads which should be under the mailing list. Also you can select and deselect from Persons, Employees, Contact Persons, ERP users and other persons whom you would like to send Newsletter from this mailing list. Please note, you will not be selecting actual companies or persons here, but just select which types of entities to select from in the actual Newsletter. Finally you can edit Branch applicability for which branch or branches this mailing list should be applicable. Once done, your mailing list ready to send out the newsletter.
TUHUND Newsletter Mailing List

Once the mailing list is ready, you can go back and create Newsletter by clicking on the Create Newsletter button. When you click on the button system will ask you to write a description for the newsletter. Create a new newsletter with a good name that can be easily identified in future. Then it will ask you to choose mailing list from the dropdown. The dropdown will show all the mailing lists you have created so far. You can select an appropriate mailing list and click on the save button. Make sure while creating the newsletter you will select the correct mailing list.
Creating Newsletter with TUHUND

So what Next?  You are almost there. Suppose if you are sending an invitation or a greeting make sure you have catchy cool content with good images that would attract viewer’s eye, when they receive your newsletter.
Upload good quality images that would be used in HTML. All such images can be uploaded in the upload image section. Once images are uploaded, click on the content button and create content. Your content is what matters a lot, so write a good content to deliver the message in a simple form, and use images uploaded in HTML. Once the content is set, go back and click on the recipient’s button. Click on the finalize button. System will select all recipients, based on the rules in the mailing list, by default. In case you would like to remove any recipients you do not want to send email to, just click on the respective icon on the absolute left. Once it’s done, just click on the Lock Button and then go back to the main page.
TUHUND Newsletter

Now click on the test button to test the newsletter first so that you can ensure you are going to deliver newsletter without any mistakes. Tuhund will send test newsletter to your email address the same way it would later send to all the recipients. Check the email that you have received. If it is good to go, click on the start button to start sending emails. System will start sending newsletter to the intended recipients at highly random internals one by one. Please be assured, all the emails or almost all the emails will land in the Inbox of the recipients. You can keep checking the status of emails sent in the main page of Newsletter and you can also check history by refining your filter.

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